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Reservoir Simulation - Sensitivities

This module enables user to perform sensitivity analysis on one or more variables at once.

1. Input


There are four input cards, namely:

  1. Well & Reservoir Data
  2. Fluid Intialization
  3. Relative Permeability
  4. Sensitivities

It is not possible to modify input cards other than sensitivities. This is done to ensure consistency of the input variables between modules. If one wishes to edit it, this can be done in History Matching module.

1.1 Sensitivity Variables

1.1.1 Reservoir Properties

In general, all changeable variables in history matching can be used as sensitivity variables. A minimum of one variable is required and can be added as many as desired. To do this, simply check the box next to the variable.

Fig. 1: Sensitivity Type: Reservoir Properties

1.1.2 Well Control

User can also choose well control to do sensitivity analysis instead of reservoir properties. This can be done by adding at least one case with input of initial and final BHP, time to minimum BHP and total simulation time.

Fig. 2: Sensitivity Type: Well Control

1.2 Modify Cases


After sensitivity variables are chosen, one can modify each variable by clicking "Modify Cases" then "Save". To run, user can click three dots next to the case and click "Run Case" for individual run, or click "Run" button above the input cards.

2. Plot and Edit

All cases will be plotted automatically by default. To choose one or some of the cases, check or uncheck the show box for each case. Editting input can be done by clicking "Modify Cases" or "Edit Case". User has the ability to remove and/or add more variables to the sensitivity analysis.