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Production Data

There are three ways to upload production data into whitson+.

  1. Copy and paste production data into frontend
  2. Datadump pre-populated flat files (excel or csv)
  3. API /database connection for automatic data upload (updated every day)


  1. Just upload the data you have a available, i.e. if you only have stock tank rates available, you upload the stock tank rates only, and vice versa.
  2. If you don't want to calculate bottomhole pressures, you can skip the columns related to that calculation (tubing pressure, casing pressure, gas lift rates).

When the well is on gas lift, are gas rates netted or gross (including gas lift rates)?

The inputted gas rates in the production data editor are assumed to be netted out

The reason we do this is because the gas rate is used everywhere in the system, including numerical model, flowing material balance and RTA; and there the gas lift is not part of the calculation (i.e. not part of the reservoir flow).

In the BHP calculations, to get the total gas that is flowing inside the wellbore, we just do the calculation in the background as follows:

1.1 Upload data


  1. Click the "UPLOAD" to upload data.
  2. Copy paste in the relevant columns.
  3. Click "SAVE" to the lower left when finished.


  1. The functionality is very similar to excel, so a good rule of thumb "if it works in excel, it works here".
  2. Just upload the data you have available, skip the rest.
  3. If separator production data is uploaded, remember to upload the corresponding separator conditions.
  4. If separator rates are going to be used, remember that you have to run compositional tracking feature first to obtain stock tank rates. Read more here.

1.2 Edit data


  1. Click "EDIT" to edit data.
  2. Change cells you would like to change.
  3. Click "SAVE" to the lower left when finished.

1.3 Add more data points (rows)


  1. Go to data below the last row.
  2. Copy-paste in new rows of data.
  3. Click "SAVE" to the lower left when finished.
  4. Remember that the date (time) value must be unique, and increase in order.

1.4 Delete data (rows)


  1. Select data (row) you'd like to remove.
  2. Use the "delete" or backspace key on your keyboard to remove row(s).
  3. Click "SAVE"

1.5 Smooth data

If the inputed production data is bad, it can be smoothed graphically. See more in video above.

2. Datadump pre-populated excel file


  1. Click the "arrow up" symbol to upload data.
  2. Click the datadump option at the top of the dialog box.
  3. Drag-and-drop the pre-populated datadump file into the frontend.
  4. If you don't have the template from before, you can access it by clicking "Download Excel Template".
  5. Click "Upload" to the lower left when finished.

3. API or database connection for automatic data upload

Contact to set this up for your company.