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whitson+ - Getting Started

1. The Basics

Let's get you started with the most important parts of whitson+ in less than 30 minutes. Relevant data for each part is provided. Data from "Well 4" in the publicaly available SPE Data Repository is used for example purposes.

1.1 Login - 1 min

  • Go to the relevant domain name, e.g.
  • Login with either i) your username and password, ii) Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD).

1.2. Overview of Important Basics - 3 min 30 sec

In this video, we go through how to

  • Hard refresh: "CTRL + R" initiates a "hard refresh" of the frontend. This is useful if the page is stuck, or something doesn't update as it should.
  • Support ticket: If you experience a bug, have a technical question or want to provide a suggestion for improvement, submit a ticket. See video for details.
  • Manual: The navigation panel in the software, and the navigation panel in the manual replicates eachother.
  • Support e-mail: Need help? Send an e-mail to
  • Edit Frontend View: Zoom in and out of browser, remove navigation panel and maximize/minimize screen with F11.

1.3. Zoom Plots - 3 min

Zooming plots is essential in any engineering software. In this video, we go through how to

  • zoom into certain part of the plots.
  • reset zoom to default (double click inside of plot area or use icon to upper right).
  • scale both axes at the same time (y and x), while keeping the origin fixed.
  • scale one axis (y or x), while keeping the origin fixed.
  • drag one axis (y or x) up, down, or sideways.
  • turn on or off legends.
  • scale axis by entering a number being typed.
  • download digital version of data being plotted.


The examples shown in the videos below use the "Default EOS option" in whitson+ (more info here). Hence, if you are using a custom EOS, your results will be slighly different for the rest of these examples. However, the main objective of this is to learn the practicalities of the software, so it's not important in this context.

1.4. Create a Project and Mass Upload Wells - 2 min

1.5. PVT - 3 min

Read more about PVT here.

1.6. Production Data & DCA - 3 min

Read more about Production Data here.

1.7. Calculate Bottomhole Pressures - 3 min

Read more about Bottomhole Pressures here.

1.8. Perform multiphase flowing material balance (FMB) - 3 min

Read more about Multiphase Flowing Material Balance here.

1.9. Analytical RTA - 2 min

  • Read more about Classical RTA here.
  • Read more about Fractional RTA here.

1.10. Numerical RTA - 3 min

Read more about Numercial RTA here.

1.11. Numerical Model: History Matching - 2 min

  • Read more about the Numerical Model here.
  • Read more about Sensitivities here.
  • Read more about Probabilistics here.


  1. SPE Data Repository
  2. Relevant Well Data