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Water PVT Properties Module

The data required for generating the water PVT properties is already provided in the fluid definition module, when a well is created:

  • Initial reservoir fluid composition (generated with any of the available methods)
  • Initial reservoir pressure
  • Reservoir temperature

Two additional input are required:

  • Water (brine) salinity (\(c_{sw}\)) in ppm
  • First \(C_{5+}\) component in the EOS model used to define the reservoir fluid

Water PVT Properties Generation

Details of how water PVT properties calulated can be found here.

Water Properties at Initial Reservoir Conditions

The table at the top of the water black oil table modules provides the water properties at initial reservoir pressure and temperature.


Water Properties Table

The variation of water properties with pressure (at reservoir temperature) are given in the table and can be easily copied and pasted into Excel for further analysis / calculations. water-bot-table