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Type Well

1. Pick Relevant Phase


First, you must pick the phase you would like to build a type well for.

2. Normalization


Secondly, you should pick a relevant ways to normalize the type well.

  • x-axis: pick between normalized time, normalized flowing time (remove days with no production) or cumulative production.
  • y-axis: pick between rate or rate normalized by lateral length, proppant pumped or fluid pumped.
  • Time resolution: pick between monthly or daily.
  • DCA forecast: add a DCA forecast to the historical data.

3. Well Selection


There are two ways to add, or remove, wells from the Type Well creation.

  • Click the check-mark next to the well name.
  • CTRL + click time-serie: remove that well from type well.

You can also select the well by simply clicking the time-series datapoint on the graph. That will filter to only that well in the well menu to the left. An alternative is to search for the well name in the "Search Wells" input field.

To reset the well selection, click RESET, up to the left.

4. Nice-to-Know Items


  • Start at peak time: moves the peak rate to start at time = 0.
  • Show/Hide Well Count: shows/hides number of wells versus time on the plot.
  • Show/Hide Individual well production data:

5. Probabilistics


The p10, p50 and p90 time series are not shown by default. Add them by clicking the legend.

6. DCA fit


After you have filtered to the set of wells you would like to use, you can fit this type well to a decline curve. Here you can also force the DCA fit to honor the EUR of the type curve.