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Common process conversion


The separator production data and daily wellstream compositions are used to calculate daily

  • Common process separator GOR
  • Common process GOR
  • Common process rates

The common process rates are the rates that should be used when modeling the wells history.


Common Process referes to rates and GORs that are re-processed through a fixed separator process.

Common Process Conversion - What is It?

Black oil tables are generated assuming a fixed surface process, but in reality, separator conditions change through time. Hence, there is a risk for inconsistencies between the rates used in history matching (assumes constant separator conditions) and the actual measured rates (changing separator conditions in the field). If surface process separator conditions are changing significantly over time, a “correction” to a set of constant separator conditions might be needed for

  • Consistent well-to-well performance comparison
  • Consistent usage of black oil tables in history matching (using RTA/PTA or res. simulation)
  • Consistent analysis of CGR performance over time

The correction is referred to as common process conversion, as we “convert” the rates processed through changing separator conditions to a "common process".

Want to know more? Here is a presentation on common process conversion.