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This page contains well-related information, such as input well data, analysis overview and the status of analyses being performed in whitson+.



Key functionality

  • Property Overview
  • Analysis Overview
  • Add Atrribute(s)
  • Export
  • Edit All

Property Overview


User can change the values of well information, reservoir properties and completion metrics here. Changing any of these values will also automatically update those values for all modules in the same analysis, and vice versa.

The status of well data being added and analyses being performed are summarized here. User can jump to the corresponding module by clicking on the module name under the well data added or analyses performed. A green check mark indicates that the data and/or analysis has been carried out.

Analysis Overview

The first analysis performed after adding the well will automatically be placed in the Main analysis. Additionally, user can create a new analysis to the same well with or without changing any of its properties.


There are two alternative ways for the user to add a new analysis to same well:


  1. Hover and click ADD NEW ANALYSIS.
  2. Add new analysis name and click SAVE.

Or, second

  1. Hover to Analysis dropdown menu on top of the page (next to Well Name).
  2. Click Add new analysis.
  3. Add new analysis name and click SAVE.
  4. This method allows the user to add new analysis while on the module page. Then, it will be added on this analysis overview page automatically.
  5. To see all analyses, clik View all analyses. It will redirect user to Analyses page.
  6. All steps are shown in the .gif above.

Choose which analysis to see and work with from Analysis drop down menu. To edit each analysis, click on vertical ellipsis to the right of the analysis row.


Analyses Performed vs. Analysis Count

The Analyses Performed on Analyses page provides a comprehensive overview of the specific analyses conducted within a given well under a particular analysis. That includes PVT, DCA, BHP, FMB, Analytical RTA, Numerical RTA and Numerical Model.

The Analysis Count refers to the analyses that users add for a specific well. An analysis essentially duplicates a well, thereby sharing production data while maintaining separate parameters. This allows users the flexibility to perform their own analysis independently. Analysis count can be seen on the Well Overview page. It is worth noting that every well comes with a default analysis called Main, which is not included in the analysis count displayed in the software as shown in figure below.


Add Atribute(s)


To add a new attribute:

  1. Hover and click ADD ATTRIBUTE.
  2. Choose Attribute Type, it can be Text, Date, or Number.
  3. Fill in the empty fields as desired.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. All steps are shown in the .gif above.


To manage custom attribute(s):

  1. Click EDIT ALL at the top right of the page.
    • Add Attribute: To add new attribute(s)
    • Calculate Attributes: To re-calculate all custom attributes
    • Manage Attributes: To edit and/or delete attribute(s)
  3. All steps are shown in the .gif above.



To export information of the well, click EXPORT at the top right of the page. The following data is included in the exported file:

  1. Well Data - Property Overview
  2. Surface Process
  3. Production Data
  4. Well Data - Composition
  5. Deviation Survey Data
  6. Wellbore Data

Note that the exported properties correspond to the selected analysis.

Edit All


The properties listed on this page can be mass edited by clicking EDIT ALL button at the top right of the page.